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ProFisha Duo

The PF Duo is the newest and latest design double fishing kayak in our range. This design was based on the desire for a faster kayak, for the more experienced angler.

Profisha 475

The Pro fisha 475 is the smallest size kayak in our Pro fisha range. This model was designed for seed and performance but in a smaller size kayak so as to keep it lighter and a little more manageable. In conjunction with these design features we also wanted to make a pro fisha model that would manage the surf a little easier and be more maneuverable. In order to do this we needed to make the kayak smaller with a little more rocker, but not too small or else we would lose the speed factor.

Profisha 525

The Pro fisha 525 is the middle size kayak in our Pro fisha range. This model was designed with performance and stability in mind. We wanted to make a fast but still stable kayak with great gliding ability. Ultimately the kayak is ideal for chasing those fast moving pelagic and covering long distances but not sacrificing too much stability.

Profisha 575

The Pro fisha 575 is the longest and fastest kayak in our complete fishing kayak range. This beauty was designed with pure speed in our minds. We wanted to make the fastest, best gliding kayak, ideal for not only chasing those fast moving pelagics but also for those anglers who like to cover long distances while fishing.

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