Rod Leash Standard 3m

The ultimate fishing rod leash to keep your rods safe while fishing on your kayak.

The 3m Rod leash is a cleverly designed rod leash and this one has the extra stretch.The rod leash has a coiled system for minimum fuss and ensuring your rods and reels are safe. The rod leash has a coiled system to allow you to stretch the leash without having to unclip it when using the rods.The velcro attachment system make it easy to attach to the butt of your rod and around the reel.There is a small eyelet on the  leash where you can connect your lure or trace.On the other end of the leash there is a stainless steel snap hook used for quick and fast connecting of the leash to a secure point on the kayak.

These are the rolls Royce of rod leashes.

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