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Winter is approaching faster than our wives can empty our wallets…well not really as fast as them.

As promised here is our next bi monthly newsletter for all the latest updates and info on Stealth kayaks in the USA.We hope you have been having a good season and managing to catch those elusive fish and enjoying your time on the water.

In this newsletter we touch on some arriving stock, a few specials, up and coming competitions and some featured accessories.

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Website News

One of our unique features on our website is the ability for you as the end user to submit or add your latest photos or videos to the website.The site links the images to the matching kayak which then gives the new users the chance to see up to date photos and videos on the products.
It is very simple and can be done using the following link.
Simply register and start sending.
I will then approve and upload the final file to make sure it is all good to go.

Ruben’s blog – Ruben is the contributor to our latest blog up on the site and you will notice that this blog will become alot more  active now with articles on all sorts of interesting fishing trips,accessories, products and more.

Click on this link to read the latest blog – Ruben and the Salmon

Our competition for kayaker of the month is still open and we have decided to keep it open until late September so please get those entries to us.

New Stock

Our latest feedback form the shippers is that the new container and fresh stock of the very popular fisha kayaks will be arriving on the 19th of August and then sent on promptly to Dan and Headwaters kayaks.
Amongst the stock is also a very nice looking Carbon fibre Pro fisha 525.

All the new stock and pictures of these kayaks is available and if you drop either one of us an email we can send you the pictures.

There are two u and coming kayak fishing events that we are supporting.

The first event is Kauai Classic over in Hawaii.A little far for most of us but still great to see the local guys doing everything to grow the stoke of kayak fishing in their area.

The second event is run by our latest blog contributor.Ruben Ludesma
It goes something like this and is most definitely my favorite concept…

So the most interesting thing about the tourney is that it’s all about leveling the playing field. The way I do that is by limiting each participant to one rod and reel, and four lures, I provide all the anglers with the same four lures. That’s all they get, if they lose them they’re done. Also, there’s no bait, no scents, no mechanized propulsion systems (the only paddle only event that I know of), no electronics allowed. Just an angler their kayak, paddle, rod and lures. The person who catches the heaviest Lingcod wins! Super Simple, hence the name.

The idea is to take kayak fishing back to it’s origins making it easy for new guys to get into. When people fish the tournament they always say something like “Wow! that was great not having to remember all that stuff and carry all that gear. It only took me like 10 minutes and I was ready to go”.

Here is a link to their tournament page –Simply fishing 

Coming up is also the next addition of the Extreme kayak fishing series in Florida and our resident hot shot Fred York will be flying the flag for us and we are hoping he can bring home the big ones and get back on the podium.

Kayak specials-

With the new arriving stock we have a few kayaks we are having a really good deal on.

1.The last of the Evolution kayaks and this one is an EVO 430.The kayak is being solid at the reduced price of $1700. That is almost an 600 dollar saving  see it here – EVO 430

2. We have a few demo kayaks that are also available with a Fisha 500and a Pro fisha 575 available in         the Florida area.Both of these are a large saving on a new kayak.


Recently there was a small feature on our very popular Live bait torpedo  in the online kayak fishing  magazine.This little torpedo is a pleasure to fish with when using live baits and is also available through our online store and headwaters kayaks.

A new product which is now available is our line/weed protectors.These nifty little add ons are a saviour to protect your rudder system form unwanted fishing line or weed.

Till our next newsletter, happy paddling, tight lines and smooth waters



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