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A little story about Ruben and his new fisha 460 to get the ball rolling with our blog.Stay tuned for loads more stories, info and tips for our awesome Stealth kayaks.

WOW! where to start? A couple of months ago I picked up my beautiful new Fisha 460 and I promptly took it out on a shakedown paddle. Needless to say I loved it and even caught a some nice fish. As our local rockfish season closed I began dreaming of the coming salmon season due to open in April. Opening day can and sadly brought poor ocean conditions with it.

Fast forward (through my not so patient waiting) to mid June and the weather is still not cooperating. Luckily just as our family vacation to Gold Beach Oregon was approaching I got a sweet piece of intel about a possible opportunity for Chinook salmon at the mouth of the Rogue River just at the north end of Gold Beach. Immediately I launched into planning mode and after adding a cartop carrier to the family car I was just able to fit my 460 and all my travel fishing gear.  Ruben- salmon 11

The next day we headed out on our long drive up the scenic California and Oregon coast. We arrived Saturday night and on Sunday morning after a little local scouting I was fishing. Having never fished this area I was a little unsure of the effectiveness of the local trolling set up but as they say “when in Rome…”.  After about an hour into trolling this new (to me) set up and watching the locals do the same with only a couple fish landed and just as I was thinking it might not work. BAM! I get a huge take down. I grab the rod, set the hook and ZIIIIIING! the reel starts screaming. I yell FISH ON! and as the local boaters scramble to get out the way I get my first Chinook sleigh ride on the Fisha 460, WOOOHOOO!

Now fighting big Chinook on the Rogue was a completely different experience than on the Northern California coast. On the NorCal coast the water is cold, dark and deep, you don’t usually see the fish much unless it jumps to try and shake the hook. But on the Rogue I was fishing in crystal clear water that ranged mostly from two feet to fifteen feet deep. The lack of depth makes for a very horizontal fight that was like that of Wahoo, with the fish peeling drag at a furious speed back and forth combined with the ariel acrobatics of a Dorado. All that while watching the grey-ish purple back with those distinctive black spots slashing through the water like a crazed torpedo.

After about fifteen or twenty minutes of being dragged around the river and several attempts at landing this fish (I’m still amazed at how strong these fish are as they are entering the river system) I finally got it in the net! I reached in the net and grabbed a handful of gills and ripped it out to bleed the fish. I was so adrenalized that I had lost interest in my surroundings until I lifted the fish to look at it and the local boaters started whooping and hollering. What a great feeling. My first river Chinook.Ruben- salmon 1

To say i was loving the lightweight and ease of the new Fisha 460 was an understatement.The great stability and fishing platform it gives me is everything i need and more.

Zoom ahead a couple of days and I’m itching to get back out but its my Anniversary. I check the tide tables and see that flood tide is at 12:30 pm. My wife is scheduled to get back from her treatment around 1:30 or 2:00. I’ve only got a couple more days until we leave and the wind forecast for the coming days is HORRIBLE. I think to myself “Catching fish is about time on the water… If you want to catch you’ve got to put in the time even if its only an hour. Besides it only took a little over an hour last time and you were fishing before the flood”. It’s my last chance, the thought of those fish pushing in from the ocean at flood tide is too much for me to resist.

I drive to the launch ready to get after ’em only to find a looooong line of boats waiting to get down the launch ramp. Uh oh… it’s gonna be at least fifteen or twenty minutes, maybe I don’t have time. Ha! then I remember I have a super lightweight kayak. I jump out of the car grab the kayak off the top and carry it down to the docks and set it the water. Who needs a launch ramp when you’ve got a Stealth! I run back up grab my gear and load the kayak. I remember that the water a couple days earlier was almost 70 degrees and I decide not to take the time to change into paddle clothes. Alright, ready to go in record time.

I jump into the kayak and start to rig up so I can troll to the spot instead of getting to the spot and rigging up there, ‘cause you just never know. it’s about amount of time in the water right? I turn on the gopro and begin to paddle. After a few yards I throw the reel in free spool and get the gear in the water. I see the armada of power boaters up ahead and start to plan where I’m gonna slide into the rotation. Right about then BOOM! MASSIVE TAKE DOWN! Wait! Oh no! What’s happening? Crap, in my haste to get going I forgot to strap down the hatch cover where my rod holder is mounted. I quickly (but not gracefully, lol) grab my rod and wrestle it out of the rod holder. I set the hook and Yeeehaaaw!, as the panic subsides I’m off to the races. WOW! literally six minutes in, not even halfway to the spot and I’m hooked up, right freakin’ on!Ruben - salmon 2

I holler FISH ON! and once again the power boaters graciously part to allow for the epic sleigh ride. As they yell words of encouragement the tug of war begins. Once again it peels massive drag and just like before the shear strength of these fish really impresses me. This fish is angry, I can’t believe the speed at which he tows the kayak and the height of his jumps with tail walks like a freakin’ marlin, It’s just unbelievable. Just as before it heads for the shallows and tears from side to side. This time, maybe because of the ferocity of his fight, he tires after about ten minutes. As the fish circles I wait patiently for it to turn with head towards the net. Finally I scoop it up and drop it in the foot well. After removing the hooks I take the safety knife and put the fish to sleep, rip the gills, bleed it and drop it in that giant fish hatch. Perfect! time to had back to the dock. That’s it… One and done in less than 30 minutes.

And best of all I was back in time for a relaxing afternoon/evening anniversary celebration with my sweet wife. It just doesn’t get any better.ruben salmon

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