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Tim and his Stealth experience

By on March 3, 2017

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Tim Bauer is an avid fisherman in Hawaii. He has been a loyal Stealth customer for many years. Here's his story on the ProFisha and Fisha kayaks...

I had been fascinated by Stealth for many years but was detoured by two unfounded concerns: 1) That the ski would be destroyed by the lava rock launches of Hawaii 2) That a fixed rudder would be damaged and that fish would wrap themselves around it. Neithe the full article

Ruben and his Fisha 460.

A little story about Ruben and his new fisha 460 to get the ball rolling with our blog.Stay tuned for loads more stories, info and tips for our awesome Stealth kayaks. WOW! where to start? A couple of months ago

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